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Free political prisoners
An appeal to president-elect Vojislav Kostunica by Free Serbia.
6th October 2000

The way they stole our votes
Instead of long-time directed election victory, the marriage-political couple from Dedinje experienced disastrous defeat. That defeat is fatal because Slobodan Milosevic undoubtedly lost the first elections in which the citizens themselves were electing president of Yugoslavia.
4th October 2000

Serbian opposition mobilises
The opposition employs people power to persuade Milosevic to concede electoral defeat.
3rd October 2000

The worm has turned
Is Yugoslavia finally prepared to dump Milosevic?
2nd October 2000

The calm before the storm?
It's not over yet. But on 2 October, things did start to change. The opposition set in motion a general strike. The question now is whether people are ready to see a general strike through to what may be a bitter end?
2nd October 2000

Serving witness in Serbia
Something has changed in Serbia, but the handling of the issue of war crimes will ultimately demonstrate just how much.
29th September 2000

Milosevic support wanes as election nears
The first round of presidential elections in Yugoslavia is over, but the question of who will lead the nation has yet to be answered. One thing, however, does appear certain: President Slobodan Milosevic has little chance of using the Yugoslav Army and the federal police to help him keep his job.
28th September 2000

Checkmate in Yugoslavia?
On their face, the Yugoslav elections appear to have failed in clarifying the country's political situation. But in reality, a clarifying moment is unfolding.
25th September 2000

Milosevic's close friends and Greek observers of Yugoslav elections
Prominent Greeks rushed to become "observers" of tomorrow's Yugoslav elections. Not really to be objective witnesses of any possible irregularities, but probably to do what so many other such Greek delegations have done in previous Yugoslav elections.
23rd September 2000

Life after Milosevic
Milosevic's rivals are hoping he's defeated this weekend, but some may end up regretting his departure.
22nd September 2000

Montenegro and federal elections: split in the coalition
Can the discord between Marovic and Djukanovic lead to the split in Montenegrin ruling coalition?
21st September 2000

The day after
There is not going to be a peaceful, quiet, and simple transfer of power and authority in Belgrade. Milosevic will not allow an opposition victory as opposition in Serbia is still quite a vague notion, the president has this power.
19th September 2000

Fear, loathing, and extremely bad taste
In Yugoslavian election campaigns the boundaries of good taste are seriously stretched in television commercials, billboard ads, night poster plastering raids, and the more dangerous daytime pamphleteering.
19th September 2000

The man above the fray
Vojislav Kostunica, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS), is being cheerfully greeted by thousands in the streets of Serbian cities and villages. For the first time in his 13-year rule, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic faces a serious challenge.
19th September 2000

Infecting Yugoslavia
It would be hard to find a part of the social organism that has not been touched by the pathology of the Milosevic regime, either directly or indirectly. The Yugoslav elections will show just how deep this pathology is or, perhaps, just how capable Milosevic is of extending it.
19th September 2000

Kandic defies regime
Human rights activist Natasa Kandic appears to have set herself on a collision course with the Belgrade regime.
19th September 2000

The miracle-cure campaign
The regime of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic kicked off its Health Ministry-sponsored election campaign, promising the citizens of Serbia that overnight they would have all that has been lacking for over a decade. But skeptics, and there are many, opine that much-needed and long-overdue health reforms are more likely to be the result of a divine miracle than the actions of the ruling elite.
19th September 2000

Waking up a sleepy Serbia
In Yugoslavia, the average citizen does not feel oppressed, suppressed, or repressed, but overwhelmingly depressed. In the last 10 years, Yugoslav citizens have had few chances to develop a sense of civic responsibility something the country desperately needs.
19th September 2000

Recognizing Kostunica
Changes in Serbia have already occurred. One should only note how the old game in which all roles were allocated and all seemed planned and predictable had suddenly and marvelously gone to pieces.
19th September 2000

My nose tells me...
Dragoljub Zarkovic, of the weekly "Vreme", comments on the activities of the Elections Supervisory Committee.
19th September 2000

Serbian politics: new rules, emerging players
The old leaders failed to make a breakthrough, and fresh faces are emerging on the opposition scene. Yet under the new rules, Milosevic may still dominate.
18th September 2000

Hold the applause for Milosevic challenger
Yugoslavs go to the polls Sept. 24 to select, or re-elect, a president. Not only is Slobodan Milosevic not threatened by these elections, but also the West has prematurely placed its hopes on his challenger, Vojislav Kostunica.
13th September 2000

The Milosevic show
With only 16 days to go, the Milosevic bandwagon rolls ever closer to the inevitable election victory fanfare.
8th September 2000

Kandic - the next Filipovic?
A leading Belgrade human rights activist may be charged following an article highlighting Yugoslav Army involvement in war crimes in Kosovo.
1st September 2000

Elections are not end of Yugoslav crisis
Most serious observers of the September elections in Yugoslavia believe that they will not be the end of the Yugoslav crisis but only a preamble to a more radical stage of its dénouement.
1st September 2000

Serbian patricide
Former Serbian president Ivan Stambolic has been kidnapped just as he was making his political comeback and posing a potential challenge to his former protégé Slobodan Milosevic.
1st September 2000

Peaceful election campaign:
Heated passions under surface

The political rivals in the Yugoslav elections will start their election campaigns on the first day of September, hoping to win the favour of the voters in the elections on the 24th September.
1st September 2000

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