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Hope on the Balkans
My nose tells me...

by Dragoljub Zarkovic

On two occasions in the last two weeks the weekly "Vreme" has been attacked by the Elections Supervisory Committee, which allegedly deals with the human rights respect. On the first occasion they attacked us because we openly said that we supported Vojislav Kostunica. Is the Supervisory Committee going to forbid that? Are we perhaps taking the money from the state budget, or the electricity bills are financing us, or do we enjoy any state benefit or tax exemption, so that we, like RTS, have an obligation to treat all candidates alike? If this Supervisory Committee had some decency they would reprimand the above mentioned RTS for so vehemently supporting all activities of the leftist couple using our money. On the second occasion they criticized us together with all other traitorous media, which do not think that the best fun is to hear Mira speak and Zorica sing. We were accused of spreading propagandistic material, pamphlets, etc., while all others, and particularly state news agency Tanjug and the media authorized to carry Tanjug, are so radically perfect that they make the Supervisory Committee very proud, and the Radicals unhappy. The Committee especially praised (or if they have not they certainly will) the text about DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) with a nose involved that was recently been carried by the oldest daily in the Balkans,"Politika," and signed by certain U.R. This article shows that the times of "Vojko and Savle" have not passed.

Last week, together with some other editors-in-chief, I attended a meeting organized by this Supervisory Committee. I wanted to see the people who judge about somebody else's honesty. I did not see much. The introductory speech was boring, there was no discussion although the presiding was begging us to open a discussion, so they only spent some more of the taxpayers' money. I have never liked such meeting, but I thought it was my duty to attend... I also hoped that they would explain why "Vreme" couldn't support Kostunica, so we could have a straightforward discussion about that issue. Something different, however, occurred - much more attention was paid to some other problems. It will be very bad if other election committees were like this Supervisory Committee, and particularly those that are counting the votes. This one showed an incredible capability of not seeing some obvious things, while at the same time some non-existing problems became an issue.

To all members of the Supervisory Committee I very warmly recommend to go and see their doctors, if they still have not noticed the dirty campaign currently led by the media controlled by the leftists. To our knowledge, the Pozarevac "Bambiland" does not finance these media but the taxpayers, who are also paying the Supervisory Committee for their work.

I have a feeling, i.e. my nose tells me that their "hearts are on the left-hand side," but they are also frightened, so until the day comes when we can put them under somebody else's supervision, they are always going to do whatever their boss tells them to do.

Source: Vreme NDA (news digest)

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