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The way they stole our votes

Instead of long-time directed election victory, the marriage-political couple from Dedinje experienced disastrous defeat. That defeat is fatal because Slobodan Milosevic undoubtedly lost the first elections in which the citizens themselves were electing president of Yugoslavia. SPS-YL coalition also experienced complete shipwreck. The conclusion is clear: citizens of Serbia have not given their trust to anti-democratic, dangerous and fatal power and its owner. Thus, the Government of national unity also has lost the trust of the people and become illegitimate. Political consequence should be resignation by the republican Government and call of early parliamentary and presidential elections in Serbia.

Instead, the defeated ones are all in plans about establishment of two-party federal Government. Both of them are minor parties in their relevant Republics /SPS-YL in Serbia and SPP in Montenegro/.

Faced with the results of catastrophic defeat, the married-political couple for the third time during the latest 5 years activated earlier prepared plan for "sure victory" in the elections. The essential part of that scenario is contained in new federal laws that provide absolute majority of the regime members in the Federal Election Commission. Thus the center of all thefts and frauds, this time has been moved to Federal Election Commission.

This commission has committed a series of serious legal election violations. That is why its decisions are legally invalid.

First, since closing of polling stations on Sept. 24 at 20.00 till announcement of election results, the Federal Election Commission did not work in extended membership, i.e. all representatives of opposition parties were excluded. That is contrary to provision in Article 25 of the Law on election of deputies for the House of the Citizens. This article applies on presidential elections, too.

Second, in decision-making of Federal Election Commission /SIK/, a person that is not member of the commission took part /and voted/.

Third, election material from polling stations in Kosovo arrived to election commissions of Prokuplje and Vranje long after expiration of time limit defined by the law.

Fourth, polling stations in Kosovo were closed by decision of SIK at 16.00 what is contrary to explicit provision in Article 59 of election law that reads that polling station has to be open since 07.00 till 20.00 all the time.

Fifth, above specified irregularities, made possible for SIK to fraud election results for president of Yugoslavia. Especially indicative detail is that the number of received ballots is for 95,845 larger than the number of registered voters. Evidences of all these irregularities can be found not only in DOS documentation, but also in the documentation of other parties that had presidential candidates /Serbian Radical Party and Serbian Renewal Movement/. Opposition was right when it requested insight in the documentation before announcement of the results. That request was its legal right.

Thus regime members in SIK, committed serious criminal acts and according to law, they can be persecuted for these acts within a period of 10 years.

There is just one alternative left for the regime. The federal Constitutional Court should decide on DOS complaint.

The only alternative for the citizens to defend their violated constitutional right is permanent protest. In the end, the truth will prevail. The citizens know that, the regime knows that, too. The regime therefore, should reconsider the whole situation once again.

Instead, Slobodan Milosevic is threatening democratic opposition via state television. He is trying to frighten the citizens with various disasters /lost sovereignty, losing of Serbian territories, economic disaster, crime, division into the poor and the rich/, all of which he has caused by himself with his regime. Therefore, he should leave, because he lost the elections. That is not a matter of citizen election will only, but the matter of elementary human honor, too.

Slobodan Vucetic

Source: Blic Online

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