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on the Balkans

(Hoop op de Balkan archief)

    The Platform
    'Hope on the Balkans' was a platform for peace, aid and human rights organisations in or working for the former Yugoslavia. Many organisations had their web site or info pages here. Hope on the Balkans also offered news, often from sources which never reached the mass media.
    Since our last editor had to leave (end of 2000), Hope on the Balkans is not maintained anymore. What's left is an small permanent archive of this dark period in European history, between war and hope.
    To contact us, find the E-mail address at our 'Peace Site' (opens new window).

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'Hope' is a low bandwidth site, to allow fast access from former Yugoslavia
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'Hoop' is een 'kleine bandbreedte' web site, voor snelle toegang vanuit vm. Joegoslavië
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