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VIP No.6, November 2nd, 1993

Volunteers Information Pakrac

Adress has changed !!!
International volunteers working camp
Prilaz Baruna Trenka 19  43550 Pakrac, Croatia
Fax & Phone:  00385 46 84 007 


First of all we want to mention that Goran (One of our group leaders) 
came back after a short time in Zagreb. But he was not alone. He
the 7th group of volunteers with him: Mark (Australia), Laurent,
(France), Stefan, Bocian, Marcin (Poland), Michele (Canada), Koen and 
Gregor (Belgium). Last Friday we moved finally to the new house. On 
the first weekend we were 27 people sleeping in the house and it was 
quite crowded. But the bunk beds arrived and so we can use the scanty 
space better. At least we are happy about the shower (with hot water 
!) even we use it the most time for washing dishes. We have now also 
our own office. The problem was that we had not access to it from 
the beginning. This is the reason why this issue of VIP is late.
forgive us...) The provocations from both sides keep going on. Last 
Saturday was again an explosion on the railway line. But now in the 
direction to Daruvar. There are also a lot of rumours that war will 
start again in November. But nobody can tell us a serious reason, 
even the mayor. But until now the exciting daily life in town hasn't 


1. Reconstruction & Support

- Working Groups We expected to work soon inside houses but we still 
don't. Anyway, the most volunteers are happy about that because it 
would mean to do very dusty work and to wear protection masks.

- Preparation Of Our New House We finally moved !!! Now we have only 
to put our bunk beds together to get more space.

2. Social Activities

Activities table of last week:

English Beginner: Mon and Thu, 16.00-17.00
Advanced Course: The and Fri, 17.00-18.00 
Jazz Dance : Tue and Wed, 15.30-16.30
Games with Children: Tue and Fri, 17.00-18.00

English Lessons Are going on. Besides that is the idea to 
start with French lessons. (Influence from three French speaking

Games with Children Children are open to all kind of ideas. 
Drawing, collecting leaves (It is autumn), sports, making music and 
of course games are very beloved. From the new volunteers group are 
already a lot interested to continue this.

3. Radio Program

Last time we missed the program (What a shame...). After a detailed 
preparation with 2 Austrians, who do their civil service here, to 
talk about conscious objection, we had a transport problem and
show up in time.

4. Special Happenings

Last Saturday was another football game between Argentinian UNPROFOR 
and the new volunteer team. We scored 6 goals, they scored 20 (Don't 
laugh, please). Two members of UNCIVPOL (United Nations Civilian
visited our meeting to talk about their work and the security situati-
in town. We were surprised about their motivation to organize social 
activities here. They are even allowed to do this (Very unusual...).

List of Needs

Guitars or other instruments for a music group - 
Handcraft - 
All kind of handwork material to occupy children in a creative 
way  (Cotton for friendship bracelettes, plasteline, claim) - 
Big mirrors for Jazz Dance course - 
Subscribtion of a weekly newspaper - 
Masks, protection glasses, working gloves - 
Steel toe capped boots in 35 to 42 - 
Mini bus
Money donations are still welcome !

"Try, fail, tray again, fail better, but never surrender"

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