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E-mail Project West Slavonia
October 1996 report

Pakrac, 22 Oct 96, 20:40

Here is a short report for the month of October from the Email Project West Slavonia and Support of Zamir-PK. Coordinators and Sysops are Rafal Bociek and Burkhard Pranke. Both of us are part of Volunteer Project Pakrac:

  1. I*EARN meeting in Zagreb in Open Society Institute (28.09. I*EARN (...) is international program for students and teachers. We were talking about the future of this project in Croatia. Three schools from our Project were participating in the meeting (Secondary School Pakrac, Secondary School from III Grammar School Osijek). We are giving technical support to the Email Project East Slavonia are. Also during this time we met with Eric Bachman and Ognjen Tus. We were talking about connecting schools and NGO's in East-Slavonia.
  2. Participation APC meeting in Slovenia (4-6.10). We made there some contacts with people from other organisations. We were talking about Radio Connection for refugees camps which has got problem with phone line (East Slavonia -Gasinci) and we hope we will connect it to email in the near future.
  3. Participation ZTN meeting in Zagreb between Zamir-ZG and Zamir-PK (11-12.10). We were talking about developing email in Croatia, future of ZTN, developing email in West and East Slavonia.
  4. First Visit to Osijek (10-13.10)
  5. Second Visit to Osijek (24-27.10)
  6. All the time in Pakrac training and trouble shooting for West Slavonia NGO's (Women's Group, Volunteer Project Pakrac, Human Rights Office, UNOV, Civil Rights Project).
  7. Helping students and teachers from Secondary School Pakrac with using email.
  8. Training new support team.
  9. Phone support for users.
  10. Orgenaising user fee from users of Zamir-PK for runing costs.
  11. Daily work with BBS Zamir-PK (undelivered, troublshooting etc.)
  12. Contacting other organisations and exchanging experience and looking for sponsor for developing email in the region.
For Email Project West Slavonia

Rafal Bociek and Burkhard Pranke

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