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Volunteer Project Pakrac
About the Project: Brief History, Aims and Activities

Pakrac November 20, 1996

A Brief History Of the Volunteers Project Pakrac

The Volunteers Project Pakrac has been working in the area since July 1993. It is a project composing of international volunteers and locals, and was initiated by Croatian peace activists from the Anti War Campaign in Croatia. The aims of the project were initially to work in a town that was divided by a cease-fire line, and to begin the peace process through activities that would start to bring normalization to the area.

This has meant many hours of work on reconstruction, both physical and social. Our present work spans from the reconstruction of buildings to social reconciliation through activities, seminars, workshops, the establishment of a youth club, community visits to the elderly and disadvantaged, and ongoing training for volunteers and community members in trauma healing and conflict resolution.
We are now conducting e-mail lessons, initiating a small repairs program including a Tools Library, a bi-weekly photo group, and organizing a puppet theater workshop for children and a childrens centre. The project works on both sides of the former cease-fire line to address the populations of Croatian and Serbian people divided by war. Although the normalization and peace process has not been allowed to happen at an equal rate on both sides due to the political situation, it has progressed positively and the project continues to address these issues in the area.

Due to the events of May 1st, 1995, the situation in the region changed dramatically as the Croatian army took over the Krajina and convoys of Serbian people left the area. A significant number of people from the Serbian community still remain, and many who fled are interested in eventually returning to their homes. As a result, our work in the project continues with an even stronger emphasis on the peace and reconciliation process. Although time spent on the physical reconstruction has decreased, as many private building firms are working in the area, our social reconstruction projects are expanding to address the current situation.

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