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Strikes and blockades in Vojvodina

NOVI SAD, ZRENJANIN, SUBOTICA, NOVI BECEJ, Monday - Several hundred secondary school and university students on Monday around 11 a.m. gathered in the central city square in Novi Sad, where a protest rally had been scheduled for noon. At the same time gathering of students and professors was scheduled in the Student Square, with the demand that the Novi Sad University go on strike. Professor Council of the Faculty of Philosophy decided to join the strike and to postpone the lectures, exams and consultations until further notice. Vojvodina Teachers Union decided to go on full strike until the will of the people was recognised. According to Beta, majority of Novi Sad Health Centres were on strike as well. Novi Sad local authority official Predrag Filipov told the press that access roads to Novi Sad would be blocked soon, adding that Novi Sad taxi associations would go on strike after noon. G 17 Plus non-government organisation called on citizens of Vojvodina to set off on Tuesday morning "on a slow drive" to the Federal Parliament building in Belgrade, where they would demand from the Federal Election Commission to "do their job".

All major access roads to Zrenjanin were blocked since Monday morning, the Novi Sad Radio 021 announced, Beta reported. Numerous Zrenjanin companies and primary and secondary schools have joined the strike. There was a shortage of bread in the town this morning, Radio 021 reported.

In Subotica, workers of municipal services and Zorka fertiliser manufacturer, as well as students and professors of several primary and secondary schools were on strike.

To the invitation of the Novi Becej Otpor, secondary schools students from this town left their classes until the election results were recognised. Since 11 a.m. regional Novi Sad- Kikinda road was blocked at Novi Becej.

Source: B92

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