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Tens of thousands demand recognition of Kostunica's victory

BELGRADE, Saturday - Tens of thousands of Serbian citizens last night demanded that the regime recognise the victory of Democratic Opposition of Serbia presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica. In towns all around Serbia citizens gathered to express their protest. More than thirty thousand people gathered in Kragujevac, ten thousand in Leskovac, ten thousand in Sabac, three thousand in Stara Pasova, five thousand in Subotica and ten thousand in Uzice. Many companies began to strike, pupils, students and professors left their classrooms and a general strike has been announced for Monday in many towns.

One of the main roads through Serbia, the Ibarska Magistrala was blocked by DOS supporters near the town of Cacak for an hour last night with supporters threatening to block the road indefinitely from Monday.

After congratulating Kostunica on his victory, the Serbian Renewal Movement presidency called on its members to join the DOS protests in defending the will of the nation. Seven and a half thousand miners from the Kolubara mine began a strike at 6 p.m. yesterday. The president of the strike committee told B2-92 that all seven and a half thousand miners would remain on strike until Kostunica's victory was recognised.

At an extraordinary session held yesterday, the City Assembly in Kragujevac decided that all public and communal companies in the town would go on general strike until the real electoral results were announced.

Source: B92

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