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Valjevo Election Commission resigns

VALJEVO, Monday -- The members of the Election Commission in the town of Valjevo today resigned collectively. Commission President Miroljub Obradovic, who is also president of the Valjevo Municipal Court said today that the commissioners had resigned although the election results in the town had not been disputed.

"Considering that the election results overall are under suspicion and because there has been no comparison of Federal Election Commission registers with those of the Democratic Opposition, which would be the only way to remove doubt about the results, the Valjevo Commission has decided to resign, so that its work, and the honour and integrity of the commissioners will not be under suspicion," Obradovic said in a statement today.

Obradovic told media that all election records, including ballot papers, were required by law to be kept for four years, adding that the results of the voting could always be investigated.

Valjevo is one of 26 electoral units in Serbia.

Source: B92

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