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Kostunica: we stay till the end

Opening his address to the people assembled with "Liberated Serbia!" the president elect of the FRY, Vojislav Kostunica, said that from this day on the following rule was in power: not a single vote is to be lost, not a single vote is to be stolen. "I am proud of your vote of September 24, I am proud of being the citizen of Serbia and I am proud that you have elected me the President of the FRY. This is what I am thanks to your votes and the basic rule of democracy saying that it is the people and their vote that make decisions. That is what took place on September 24. On that day the entire nation went to the polls with just one word in mind - peace. Peace for all of us, peace between Serbia and Montenegro. However, there is a man among us who has upset and disturbed the people, filled them with fear and sense of insecurity for years, a man who has wagged wars and is eager now to start the war against his own people just because he lost the election," said Kostunica.

Calling for peace, he said, "Nothing should be demolished, nothing should be damaged, this city belongs to us. This is our city, this is our Belgrade, this is our Serbia, this is our victory!" Kostunica thanked citizens for having elected him the President and said, "We shall stay here till the end, you will be with me and I will be with you." The Democratic Opposition of Serbia called on citizens to remain in the streets and at squares "until He leaves," but refrain from any violence and destruction of property. Bishop Atanasije Rakita conveyed Patriarch Pavle's blessing to the people, along with a message saying that "the people have managed to elect a genuine president, Vojislav Kostunica."

Bishop Atanasije called on all public officials to "to recognize the popular vote in a peaceful and dignified way." "We appeal for a peaceful, dignified and civilized handover of the power. Therefore, we appeal to all responsible and well-intentioned people who are still not in power at this point to exert maximum efforts so as to help avoid turmoil and bloodshed," says the message by Patriarch Pavle, which Bishop Atanasije read aloud.

Source: Media Center Belgrade

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