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Over 10,000 people in front of Tamnava mine pit

Over 10 thousand people assembled today around 18.00 hours in front of the Tamnava pit. Citizens are still flowing in, while the miners on strike are welcoming them with cheers.

Opposition leaders Dragoljub Micunovic, Vuk Obradovic and Vladan Batic joined the gathering. They delivered brief speeches, wherein they reiterated resoluteness of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) not to accept a runoff of presidential vote.

Arrival of the DOS presidential candidate, Vojislav Kostunica, is expected.

The police are behaving correctly, mostly watching what is going on in front of the pit, while some of them are ignoring everything and simply eating apples.

Shortly before 17.00 hours, several thousands miners and citizens broke through a blockade set up by the police and entered the mine.

Police cordons simply moved away when a tractor with three elder citizens headed towards them. No conflicts were registered.

Source: Media Center Belgrade

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