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Police turns down students request for audience with minister

The Belgrade-based police turned down today students who requested an audience for their delegation with the Serbian Interior Minister Vlajko Stojiljkovic, and release of two high-school students who had been taken in for blocking the traffic at the Slavija Square.

Actually, students indented to ask the Interior Minister to let policemen "join" civic protests caused by the regime's refusal to recognize victory of the Democratic Opposition candidate, Vojislav Kostunica, in the presidential race, and refrain from using force against protesters.

A conflict between student protesters and the police cordoning off the Dedinje zone housing the residence of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was avoided today around 15.00 hours nearby the Autokomanda Square.


Students and policemen have stood face to face in a tense atmosphere for some 10 minutes. Then the students directed themselves towards the Belgrade-Nis highway and blocked both lines. After a lengthy march, the students reached the Takovska Street, where they stood in front of the Radio & Television of Serbia (RTS) building for a while.

At the corner of the Prince Milos and the Proleterskih Brigada streets, the students smashed windowpanes of the Yugoslav Left Belgrade Committee seat, and burnt down a Yugoslav Left flag in front of the RTS building.

(Photo courtesy of Free Serbia)

Source: Beta News Agency

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