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Strikes all around Serbia

BELGRADE, Saturday - There were strikes, road blockades and rallies all around Serbia today in protest at the non recognition of DOS presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica's electoral victory.

Workers at the oil refinery in Pancevo organised a one hour warning strike today announcing the beginning of an all out strike starting on Monday morning.

The copper mill in Sevojno stopped working at 2 p.m. and the workers union is expected to decide later today whether to go on general strike from Monday.

Local media in Uzice have been inundated with state and private companies wishing to inform the public that they are now on general strike.

Several thousands of citizens from Pirot blocked the Belgrade-Nis motorway this afternoon. All public companies controlled by the local opposition held Municipal Council in this town will be on general strike from Monday.

DOS supporters and Otpor activists blocked the Krusevac-Brus road, the Rudnik-Topola road, the Natalinci-Toploa road as well as the bridge over the river Jasenica on the Kragujevac-Belgrade road.

Source: B92

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