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Hundreds of thousands demonstrate - strikes throughout Serbia

Hundreds of thousands of people continued to demonstrate and strike throughout Serbia on October 3, demanding recognition of the victory of Vojislav Kostunica, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia, in September 24 presidential election in Yugoslavia.

Tens of thousands took to the streets in Belgrade, same as in Krusevac, 10,000 in Lazarevac, 12,000 in Pirot, 15,000 in Kraljevo, Leskovac and Subotica, 20,000 in Pozarevac, 30,000 in Nis, about 40,000 in Novi Sad, and as many as 50,000 in Kragujevac, where Kostunica spoke at a rally.

A procession of tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through downtown Belgrade on Oct. 3, towards the Dedinje region, but were barred from reaching their destination by a police cordon. No incidents were reported, and the demonstrators subsequently went back downtown. Afterwards, about 20,000 Belgrade University students spent five hours marching through Belgrade, breaking two windows of the Yugoslav Left offices in the Vracar district, and burning a Yugoslav Left flag in front of the state television building.

Several thousand people participated in protest rallies and strikes in the cities of Cacak, Bela Crkva, Sombor, Bor, Prokuplje, Kursumlija, Uzice, Vranje, Mladenovac, Sabac, Majdanpek, Smederevo, Jagodina, Vladicin Han, Kovin, Surdulica, Svilajnac and Kostolac.

Source: Media Center Belgrade

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