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Citizens called on day and night rallies and general strike

BELGRADE, Friday - Leaders of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia have called on Belgraders to gather on Friday at 2 p.m. in front of the Federal Parliament building and do not leave until the authorities recognised the election victory of the opposition presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica. They appealed to all citizens of Serbia for day and night rallies on city squares, "civil disobedience and general strike", in order to defend the presidential election results.

After the meeting of the DOS leaders in the Democratic Party of Serbia offices last night, coalition representative Cedomir Jovanovic said that the DOS did not accept the decision from the Federal Election Commission on the second round of presidential elections, since the DOS candidate had convincingly won the the first round. After the meeting, opposition leaders went on a protest march to Terazije, where around a thousand spontaneously gathered citizens greeted them with applause and chants, "He's finished".

One of the DOS leaders Zoran Djindjic said that the general strike should include students refusing to go to faculties, children to schools, workers to jobs, and other forms of civil disobedience. "Theatres should not work, schools should not work, cinemas should not work, let everything in Serbia stop, because otherwise nothing can begin," Djindjic said. He added that this time citizens would not march with whistles and they would not "feed policemen with chocolates and decorate them with flowers".

Source: B92

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