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Ruling party preparing the public for recognition of election defeat

Greek state news agency ANA estimates that the change in tone and manner in which the state-run media in FR Yugoslavia are now reporting about the Democratic Opposition of Serbia and its activities represents "preparations of the Yugoslav public for the opposition victory".

"The fact that there are no more malicious commentaries in state media about Vojislav Kostunica and the democratic opposition, unconceivable until now, suggests that the Socialists are preparing the public opinion for the announcement of the opposition victory", Greek agency ANA states in its analysis.

Greek news agency also notes that the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Yugoslav United Left keep avoiding any mention of the results in the presidential and the local elections in which the Socialist-Left coalition has suffered catastrophic defeat, and yet speak only of their alleged success in the federal parliamentary elections pointing out that this coalition will be able to create a new federal government with the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro.

Source: B92

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