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Roadblocks accross Serbia

BELGRADE, Monday - All access roads to the southern Serbian town of Arandjelovac were blocked at 5 a.m. Citizens blocked the roads leading from Arandjelovac to Sopot, Mladenovac, Lazarevac, Belanovica and Topola. Roadblocks were made of passenger vehicles, buses, trucks and agricultural plant.

Twenty drivers have set up a roadblock with their vehicles on the Belgrade-Cacak road on the Rudnik Mountain, one of the organisers of this action, Dejan Jelic, told B2-92. He added that the blockade was to last till 7 a.m.

Since 5 a.m. the Djerdap Gorge was blocked at three points in the Branicevo District. Veliko Gradiste was blocked too, because the Djerdap highway was "cut off" from both directions - from Pozarevac and from Golubac. According to the information from a factory newspaper journalists, all works have been terminated in the Kostolac coal mine. The same source claimed that around 4,500 coal miners were on strike.

The railroad intersection in Pozega on the Belgrade-Bar railway line was blocked at 5 a.m. and the trains were piling up, Pozega local media reported. The traffic was blocked by the workers of the Pozega Telekomanda, employed at the railway station. Six roads were blocked in Pozega: towards Cacak, Arilje, Ivanjica, Kosjeric, the old road to Uzice, and the main road to Uzice.

Dozens of private vehicles and vans blocked all main streets in Bor, which paralysed the traffic on the access roads to the town, Radio B2-92 correspondent reported. One person who refused to remove his vehicle was arrested. Citizen protest was scheduled for 10 a.m. in front of the Socialist Party headquarters. The traffic blockade ended around 7:15, and the new one was scheduled for tomorrow at 5:30.

Roadblocks in Belgrade
BELGRADE, Monday - According to reports by the B2-92 correspondent from the spot, at precisely 7 a.m. four buses blocked the Branko bridge from the Belgrade side, and shortly afterwards from the New Belgrade side as well. The traffic was collapsed till 9 a.m., when the police managed to end the blockade, moving the buses and cars out of the way. Radio B2-92 learnt that there were some blockades near Hotel Yugoslavia , in Konjarnik, Braca Jerkovic settlement, Revolucija Boulevard. Around a hundred people blocked the traffic in Marsal Tolbuhin Street and Belgrade Street with garbage containers and their vehicles. A police patrol has shown up and started taking registration plates off the parked vehicles - the citizens have in return taken the registration plate off the police vehicle. The traffic in the Slavija Square was completely blocked from 7 to 9 by several private city transport buses. Large roadblocks were set up in many other parts of the city as well, blocking even the traffic with the town of Pancevo accross the Danube.

Since 5 a.m., number of Belgrade taxi associations have ceased work, these associations confirmed to Beta.

Democratic Party official and coordinator of the protest Predrag Milosevic told Beta that a policeman in the settlement of Batajnica hit a party member Milivoje Djukanovic, who participated in the street blockade. According to Milosevic, the Democratic Party activist was hit by a policeman from the vehicle with registration plates M-611-835. Milosevic also said that the police in the settlement of Surcin hit on the cars participating in the blockade with batons.

Source: B92

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