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An invitation to Bozovic and Minic for a recount

Vojislav Kostunica, presidential candidate of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia appealed to the speakers of both chambers of the Federal Parliament to hold a recount of the votes in the September 24 elections, because of the large disparity in the official data of the Federal Electoral Committee (SIK). "There is no need to point at the huge differences between the SIK and DOS experts teams data, it is enough to look at the "FRY Official Bulletin", dated September 29, and start adding and subtracting", emphasized Kostunica in his letter to Srdja Bozovic, speaker of the Chamber of Republic and Milomir Minic, speaker of the Chamber of Citizens of the Federal Parliament, which was also given to the media.

Kostunica proposed that the committee which would conduct the recount should be constructed "on a parity principle". "Competent persons from friendly states, representatives from DOS, the coalition of the Socialist Party of Serbia - Yugoslav Unified Left, People's Socialist Party, as well as the SIK should compose the committee", said Kostunica.

"Relying on your honor and the authority of the position you hold, I am convinced that you will grant my request", said Kostunica to Bozovic and Minic, "thus we will prevent the electoral process from becoming a phrase, clear all uncertainties and reduce the justified malcontent of the citizens.

Source: Beta News Agency

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