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DOS supporters in the Republic Square

The Democratic opposition is holding a rally tonight in the Republic Square in Belgrade, protesting the dispute of the election results. Free Serbia reporters in the streets claim that about 80,000 people have gathered in protest.

The gathering was addressed by Milan St. Protic, the next Belgrade mayor, who repeated that the opposition will not allow the regime to toy with the people's will and that there would be no runoff under any circumstances.

An open letter to the Yugoslav Army chief-of-staff was read, stating that the runoff has been "obtained" using 300,000 fabricated Kosovo Albanian votes and requesting reception of a DOS delegation.

Vuk Obradovic, president of Socialdemocracy and retired VJ general renewed the invitation to the VJ Command to a meeting. He added that the DOS representatives wished to tell the Command that Serbia is on its feet and that Vojislav Kostunica and DOS would return dignity to the military and officer profession. Obradovic said that the opposition had been approached by a large number of VJ officers expressing their support.

Source: Free Serbia

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