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About 350,000 people in downtown Belgrade

According to Free Serbia reporters there were about 350,000 Belgraders in the city centre attending the rally of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia. Popular musician Goran Bregovic appeared on the stage to perform for the ecstatic crowd.


Some 15 to 20 thousand people were in front of the Federal Parliament’s building chanting “We want truth!”, "Victory is ours!”, etc. Traffic policemen are in front of the Federal Parliament, but some 50 members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit are behind the hedges surrounding the building. It is possible that about 100 members of the special police unit are deployed in the Federal Parliament’s building itself.


The rally itself was peaceful. Vojislav Kostunica was warmly received by the crowd who chanted “Save Serbia from this madhouse” and “President, President”. The future mayor of Belgrade Milan St. Protic also addressed the citizens.

(Photos courtesy of Free Serbia)

Source: Free Serbia

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