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Radicals call for repeal of Public Information Act

BELGRADE, Thursday -- The Serbian Radical Party caucus has launched a number of initiatives in the Serbian Parliament, including the repeal of the notorious Public Information Act and a call for the replacement of Police Minister Vlajko Stojiljkovic.

The party explains its demand for the repeal of the Public Information Act by saying that the act itself is sound but that it has not been consistently implemented.

Belgrade media today quote party leader Vojislav Seselj as saying that the Radicals sought the sacking of Stojiljkovic because the police had been turned to the service of one party during the elections. He also cited police failure to find those responsible for a traffic accident last year in which four officials of the Serbian Renewal Movement were killed in what was alleged to be an attempt to kill Renewal Movement leader Vuk Draskovic.

The party has also tabled a Radio Television Serbia Bill, a Privatisation Bill and an Election of Representatives to the Serbian Parliament Bill, which demands that Serbia be treated as one election unit. There is also a Bill for the Ownership Transformation of the Politika media corporation.

The Radicals have also demanded that once a new Municipal Assembly is established in Belgrade, Studio B radio and television and the city's transport authority should be returned to the control of the city government.

Source: B92

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