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Ilic showed proof that ballots have been destroyed

Velimir Ilic, the mayor of Cacak presented reporters with filled ballots from the Belgrade municipality of Cukarica, and envelopes containing the ballots of prisoners and soldiers, which were transported to the private paper processing company "Diva" from Preljina to be destroyed.

The ballots with the votes from soldiers of the Military Post Office (MPO) No. 8628 Presevo, MPO 9845 Valjevo, MPO 4795 Belgrade and MPO 4466 Vranje, which were all delivered to the election unit No. 4 - Cukarica, all had DOS and Vojislav Kostunica circled.

"It can be seen that the president of the Cukarica Electoral Committee is deputy minister Zoran Stevanovic, and that at 12.20 on September 24, 2000 he received the warrant with the votes of the prisoners" of the district prison in Belgrade, said Ilic while showing the warrant baring signatures and seals.

Ilic said that he received the ballots and envelopes during the blockade of the Ibar main road, from a conscientious person escorting of the truck to the "Diva" paper mill.

"This is proof of the electoral theft, about fixing results to the advantage of Slobodan Milosevic and decreasing the number of ballots for Kostunica", said Ilic.

Source: Beta News Agency

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