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Patriarch Pavle:
"Yugoslav Army and Police should be with the people"

Belgrade - Serbian Patriarch Pavle received yesterday Vojislav Kostunica, presidential candidate of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia. The statement that the Church issued on account of that meeting says that "Doctor Kostunica has informed the Patriarch about the election results available by DOS and expressed concern about acceptance of the democratically expressed people's will. Doctor Kostunica expressed his personal satisfaction at the dignity and behaviour of citizens at elections. He expressed hope that the citizens in the same way would preserve peace and dignity till the final report of the Federal election commission".

"Patriarch Pavle thanked Kostunica for his so far stances and behaviour as well as DOS's wish that the whole election and post-election process is finalized in a peaceful and dignified way. In the civilized world the power is being changed only at free and democratic elections. Patriarch Pavle expects that the ruling parties will accept the people's election will. Patriarch Pavle also appealed to the Yugoslav Army and Police to defend the interests of the people and state".

Source: Blic Online

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