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Patriarch Pavle urges army and police to preserve peace in the country

Serbian Patriarch Pavle, today, called upon the army and the police as well as "all men of good will" to preserve peace in the country.

In his statement for Radio Vrnjacka Banja, the Patriarch said peace was necessary "in this and any other situation" and that we "as people know how to observe the best considerations of democracy and respect for the popular will".

"That is why I call upon all men of good will, and I believe that this applies to all in this country, to bear that in mind and follow the word of Christ and treat others only as they would like to be treated themselves, so that at no time sinners may appear causing distress of all." "I appeal to the army and the police and all the man who have their say in this, to jointly make every effort for the good of this people and do our best, as required and possible," said the Serbian Patriarch.

Source: Media Center Belgrade

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