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Opposition leaders in parliament

Several tens of citizens broke into the Federal Parliament around 16.00 hours. Policemen guarding the building pulled out. Protesters burnt down at least two police cars parked in the rear of the building. Almost all windowpanes on the building are smashed. Shots were heard during the conflict between protesters and the police.

Masses of protesters are standing at the Parliament entrance chanting, "Serbia, Serbia!" and "It is over with him!" Standing at the City Hall balcony, an announcer of the protest said, "Our people are inside the Parliament. Go and watch over the building!" He announced that the DOS presidential candidate, Vojislav Kostunica, would address protesters at 17.00 hours.

Several hundred protesters and a few leaders of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) are still inside the building of the Yugoslav parliament, which is surrounded by thousands of protesters.

Fire broke out in the basement of the Parliament building. Four fire engines around 6:30 p.m. passed behind the Federal Parliament and started to extinguish the fire blazing for the last hour and a half. The fire at the rear side of the building has been almost under control.

Twenty-odd staffers of the Serbian Interior Ministry surrendered to protesters in the vicinity of the Federal Parliament. Some people tried then to assault the policemen, but were prevented by other protesters. Protesters and the police are still in conflict nearby the police station in the Majke Jevrosime Street. The interior of the Federal Parliament building is totally demolished.

Source: Media Center Belgrade

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