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Otpor demonstration to support democratic forces in Serbia

    Demonstrations in front of the yugoslav embassies in your countries. Show your support for democratic forces in Serbia fighting Milosevic. Show us that you are against the growing repression of police against opposition activist.

    Serbs in "diaspora" let yourselves be heard and seen supporting us, we do not have any other means of doing this, as there are no independent media, the others only attack us. This is a campaign of NGO's, called IT'S TIME, calling the Serbs to GET OUT AND VOTE on the election on 24.09.2000. Serbs from abroad, you have the right to vote on those elections, ask for your rights, try to come to Serbia for the elections, don't allow the regime to abuse your voices again!.

    On Saturday, 16.09.2000, 5 minutes to 12( 11.55) in many places, all over Europe, at the same time...
    Support us in our fight for freedom. Inform your friends about this.

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