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Bakarec: Electoral Commission's explanation - a mockery

Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) will lodge appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court over the today's decision of the Federal Electoral Commission which dismissed the Democratic Opposition's complaint, DOS election officer Nebojsa Bakarec told Beta tonight. Bakarec called the Federal Electoral Commission's decision a mockery because the members of the Electoral Commission maintained that the Kosovo Albanians had voted in the Yugoslav elections. DOS lodged complaint to the Federal Electoral Commission yesterday demanding that 142,000 votes from Kosovo be dismissed following an inspection of the election commissions' returns from polling stations in Kosovo. Federal Constitutional Court must hand down its ruling on this matter by 6 p.m. on Monday.

Nebojsa Bakarec told the media yesterday that if the complaint were accepted, Vojislav Kostunica would automatically have 50.35% of the votes, according to the results announced by the Federal Electoral Commission, which meant that Kostunica had won an outright victory in the first round.

Bakarec dismissed the claims made by a member of the Electoral Commission and judge of the Serbian Supreme Court, Pavle Vukasinovic, that the DOS representatives had inspected entire election material. "That's a lie. There are no ballots cast in the presidential election on the premises of the Federal Electoral Commission, there are no votes cast by members of the Yugoslav Army and there is no complete documentation and local election commissions' returns from polling stations", said Bakarec.

Source: Beta News Agency

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