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Kostunica: It is obvious that Milosevic is losing

The presidential candidate of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) Vojislav Kostunica said this evening that the Federal Electoral Commission (SIK) was late with announcing the election results because it was quite clear that the regime was being heavily defeated.
"They are trying to find a way out of this situation", Kostunica said in his interview for the First Channel of the Russian television ORT.
Kostunica also said that the reason for the Federal Electoral Commission being late with presenting the results to the public was an overwhelming victory of the opposition.
"Had the current Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic won the presidential election, the results would have been published long ago", Kostunica explained and went on to say that there were obviously quarrels within the Socialist-Left coalition.

Commenting on the allegations that, in case of the Milosevic's victory, a conflict in Montenegro as well as NATO's intervention could take place, Kostunica said that tensions in relations with Montenegro had been provoked by the Belgrade regime. In his view, had Belgrade reached an agreement with the ruling coalition in Montenegro, the southern republic would not have boycotted the elections.

Kostunica estimated that the situation became more complicated after the Federal Constitution had been amended by Milosevic earlier today.
Democratic changes in this country in the aftermath of these elections could create conditions for a dialogue between Serbia and Montenegro, drafting a new Federal Constitution and developing new relations between the two republics thus eliminating any possibility of foreign interference, Kostunica added.

Source: Free Serbia

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