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Left leaders admit:
We lost local elections

Belgrade - SPS secretary general, Gorica Gajevic, admitted yesterday victory of DOS at local elections in Serbia. At press conference she said that left coalition won in about 20 municipalities in Serbia. She accused candidates of Yugoslav Left Party for defeat in other municipalities. Gajevic announced preliminary results of presidential elections on the basis of 3,021,323 counted ballots what makes about 37 percent of all ballots.

"According to so far data, Slobodan Milosevic has 1,383,660 votes, or 45 percent, while Vojislav Kostunica has 1,268,636 or 40 percent. We are expecting with optimism arrival of the remaining results and probable possibility that our candidate wins in the first round", Gajevic said. Without giving any details she said that left coalition won absolute majority at elections for both houses of the federal Parliament.

President of Yugoslav Left Party, Ljubisa Ristic, said he was happy "that the main aim of elections was fulfilled - the battle for Yugoslavia was wun". He said that leftists had provided parliamentary majority that was sufficient for them to establish the Government and carry our constitutional changes. He expressed hope that presidential candidate of the left coalition would win in the first round, but he did not reject the possibility of the second round either. "There are no lies in these elections. The only that lie are those from abroad that proclaim winners before official results, doing the same stupid things as so far", Ristic said. Commenting preliminary election results announced by Serbian Radical Party that Vojislav Kostunica had wun the elections, Ristic accused officials of SRP for "banning their own party and giving their votes to NATO parties".

Source: Blic Online

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