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Kostunica: I shall take care about Milosevic, too
DOS presidential candidate sure about victory

Belgrade - "My obligation as president of FR Yugoslavia will be to take care about security of all citizens of Serbia and that means of Slobodan Milosevic, too", Vojislav Kostunica said yesterday. He also said that victory of DOS at presidential, federal and local levels was "victory of people and truth".

"We shall defend election results in all possible ways that are not violent and that do not jeopardize peace and cause conflicts. We want to believe that reason shall prevail on the other side, too. We should try together to calm down passions in our people in order to avoid any trouble resembling even slightly something that can be called international intervention", Kostunica said at first post-elections press conference. "Protests and demonstrations are legal and legitimate way for defense of election results". When journalists asked him to comment the statement by federal Prime Minister Momir Bulatovic that Slobodan Milosevic would remain president of Yugoslavia till June next year regardless of election results, Kostunica replied: "That is not possible".

"In this case, the Law that applies is the one concerning election of deputies for the House of the Republics and not the Law on election of the president of Yugoslavia. When election results from all polling stations are known, Federal election commission has to proclaim official election results within 24 hours. After 15 days, commission has to issue certificate about winner of the elections", Kostunica said and added that as early as this autumn, he shall "swear to federal deputies as the president of Yugoslavia". He said it was "encouraging and for respect" that Yugoslav Army and the Police were neutral, exactly as they should be at the time of elections.

Kostunica pointed out that Milosevic and Socialist Party of Serbia ruled during ten years with the help of opposition and therefore "the iron rule of DOS is: no cooperation with them. Cooperation is only possible if SPS policy within 2-3 years improves and becomes democratic and if it is without its strategy man Slobodan Milosevic any more", Kostunica concluded. Zoran Sami, high official of Democratic Party of Serbia claims that this party has collected results from 5115 polling stations where 2,784,620 people voted. Sami said that Kostunica got 1,502,507 votes or 53.96 percent of votes, while Milosevic got 937,129 votes, i.e. 33.56 percent.

Source: Blic Online

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