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Kostunica visits Kolubara

LAZAREVAC, Monday - A cordon of 30 riot squad police parted today to allow president-elect Vojislav Kostunica to enter the Kolubara mine, where thousands of workers have been on strike since Friday.

After being introduced as "the president of Yugoslavia", Kostunica thanked the workers for having been leaders of the national strike which has gathered momentum today. He called on them not to give up, saying "the protests will continue until we see Milosevic's back".

Kostunica told the strikers that Milosevic had been caught red-handed stealing votes and that this could not be tolerated. He reiterated that there would be no second round of elections, saying that the nation had said what it wanted on September 24.

Striking workers at the mine told Kostunica that police in the cordon had not been supplied with food or water by their officers and that the mine workers were feeding them. They claimed that the police had urged the workers to continue their strike.

Source: B92

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