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Kostunica holds talks with Dienstbier

BELGRADE, Sunday -- Special UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Former Yugoslavia Jiri Dienstbier Dienstbier traveled to Belgrade last night to meet with Vojislav Kostunica. Kostunica and Dienstbier talked for around forty five minutes regarding the post electoral crisis in the country. After their meeting, Dienstbier told the press that he did not believe he would meet Slobodan Milosevic but announced that he would hold talks with representatives of the official government. Dienstbier avoided talking in more detail about his earlier statement in Montenegro regarding Milosevic's rejection of Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov's offer to mediate saying that the proposal had been made and the outcome was yet to be seen. Dienstbier's message to Yugoslavia was that the truth would win and that he hoped both sides would accept help from other countries in order to ascertain the electoral results and avoid any eventual conflict.

Kostunica described the meeting as useful, saying that Dienstbier was well informed about the situation in Yugoslavia. Kostunica said that the only way which could lead to stability in the region was a recount of the votes by a neutral delegation made up of representatives from both the opposition and the government and foreign "friendly" countries.

Source: B92

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