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Kolubara mine still on strike

LAZAREVAC, Monday - Half of 7,500 Kolubara workers on strike were still inside the coal mine grounds. According to our correspondent, on Sunday night a police cordon was not allowing them to reach their working positions. However, after the first serious pressure, the cordon withdrew and let them through. Strikers were joined by the DOS officials Nebojsa Covic, Boris Tadic and Vladan Batic. The workers were also joined by the Director of Tamnava istok Slobodan Jacimovic, who was among the first to resign, while the heads of the electrico-mechanical and miner derpartments followed suit. That way they only prevented their dismissal prepared by the Serbian Electrical Company Director Dragan Kostic, who had visited them and ordered them to force the miners resume work. Director of the Serbian Mine Production Directorate Milovan Zunjic showed up among the workers and asked them to resume work in order to avoid endangering the electrical energy system. They told him to go where he had come from.

Kolubara coal mines are producing two million tons of coal monthly and are supplying Nikola Tesla and Kolubara power plants. Chief of the striker committee Miodrag Rankovic and engineers stated that no power restriction in Serbia in the next seven days could be linked to this strike because there was enough power in stock and that the Serbian Electrical Company statements claiming the opposite were political manipulations. This suspicion was confirmed in the night between Sunday and Monday when the power went out in Lazarevac and the Lazerevac Electrical Company claimed that the order for the power cut had come from Belgrade.

Source: B92

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