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Milosevic talks with Ivanov

President of the FRY Slobodan Milosevic talked today with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, reported the YU INFO television, broadcasting a tape recording of the meeting.

This TV outlet, founded by the FRY government, is the first domestic medium that aired a tape recording of the Milosevic-Ivanov meeting.

A release issued after the meeting says that Milosevic and Ivanov discussed "current developments in the FRY" and "assessed" that "violence and destructive turmoil jeopardize functioning of the state and weaken it, which is only in the interest of its enemies."

"The only solution is to be found in the respect for the law and the Constitution, security of all citizens and peaceful resolution of all issues in concert with national and state interests," says the release.

The release also quotes that Russia, which is called a friend of Yugoslavia and its people, advocates a peaceful and democratic solution that would enable Yugoslavia to continue along the path of "independent, comprehensive social and economic development, to which Russia will contribute through further intensive cooperation."

Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic and Russian Ambassador to the FRY Valeriy Jegoskin attended the meeting.

Source: B92

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