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Peace and euphoria in downtown Belgrade

BELGRADE, Monday -- A crowd of 20,000 opposition supporters in central Belgrade was in a euphoric mood at 2.00 a.m. today, Radio B2-92's crew reports from the streets. Results from polling stations were being read to the crowd and Kostunica had a convincing lead. The mood of the revellers was further buoyed when the public address system began playing Radio B2-92. The station has not been heard in Belgrade since May, when police seized its premises for the second time.

Democratic Party vice president Borislav Tadic told the crowd that he had spoken with the police commander and both sides had agreed that conflict and unrest in the streets could not be allowed to happen. The police chief pledged no interference if his troops were not directly provoked. Tadic called on opposition supporters not to provoke the riot squad cordon in Kolarceva St, saying there was no need to do so as everything was going the opposition's way. Police reduced the size of the Kolarceva St cordon.

Source: B92

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