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Constitutional court deliberates DOS complaint

The Federal Constitutional Court held today a public debate occasioned by the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) complaint against the Federal Electoral Commission (SIK) decision on a runoff of presidential vote.

There is no telling when the Court will pass a ruling. According to a DOS representative, the Court is supposed to decide by tomorrow afternoon, but may even do it by this evening.

The director of the Federal Statistics Bureau, Milovan Zivkovic, submitted to the Court data from the most disputable electoral units, Vranje and Prokuplje, which included polling places in Kosovo. Zivkovic, who is also a member of the SIK, had a verbal conflict with Milena Arezina, a member of the SIK too. She opposed his proposal to have data from all 27 electoral units submitted to the Court.

Replying to a DOS representative remark that in two days the SIK had officially decreased the number of votes cast for Milosevic, Zivkovic said that the SIK had firstly announced "estimated results of the vote," that is an expected number of votes given to Milosevic.

The team of DOS experts pointed out that their representatives had not been given an overview of all data in the possession of the SIK, particularly when it came to 50,000 mailed votes (soldiers, prison inmates and diplomats). Milena Arezina claimed that the information about the vote of soldiers was classified and thus could not have been disclosed. However, the DOS legal expert, Zoran Tomic, said that not a single provision of the Election Law stipulated secrecy of the vote of soldiers.

Source: Media Center Belgrade

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