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Djukanovic: We won't accept humiliation

PODGORICA, Friday - Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic stated that Kostunica's victory was undisputed, just as the fact that Milosevic would not concede, correspondent of Radio B2-92 reported. When asked to estimate the further course of events, Djukanovic replied that Milosevic could only buy some more time and thus postpone his inevitable end. "The most important thing right now is to preserve peace and not to allow conflict and bloodshed. I believe that the Serbian opposition has the strength to bring its victory to the end by democratic means," Montenegrin president told the daily Vijesti.

Djukanovic said that the Socialist People's Party would now like to find a partner in Serbia and represent Montenegro in the possible joint state with twenty per cent of support. "I don't believe it's possible, because I don't want to believe they will find a partner for such plans in the new democratic structure of Serbia. If they find it anyway, then the vast eighty per cent majority of Montenegrin citizens will know what to do. They will never accept their state, national and civilian humiliation, nor anti-Montenegrin policy from Belgrade, whether dictatorial or wrapped in a democratic package", Montenegrin president said.

Source: B92

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