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Dienstbier: Milosevic rejects Russian mediation proposal

MONTENEGRO, Sunday - Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic has rejected Russia's proposal that Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov mediate regarding the current post election crisis in the country, Special UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Former Yugoslavia Jiri Dienstbier announced in Podgorica last night.

Two Russian diplomats, Vladimir Cizov and Aleksandar Tolkac, are currently in Yugoslavia on orders from Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affaires representative Aleksandar Jakovenko stated last night. Jakovenko said that the two diplomats would be meeting with representatives from the federal government as well as other "political" contacts. Other reliable sources from Moscow informed Beta yesterday that Cizov and Tolkac were in Montenegro where they held talks with the Montenegrin leadership yesterday.

Source: B92

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