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Constitutional court holds a public debate on DOS complaint

President of the Federal Constitutional Court Milutin Srdic accepted the complaint lodged by the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) against the Federal Electoral Commission decision on the September 24 presidential election. Srdic scheduled a public debate for Wednesday, October 4, at 10.00 hours in the Federation Palace and asked the DOS to appoint its representative in the debate, reports the Radio B2-92.

The DOS representative in the Federal Electoral Commission, Nebojsa Bakarac, announced that a large group of jurists, including university professors and former judges - actually lawyers, would be standing for the DOS in the public debate called by the Federal Constitutional Court. Bakarac detailed that that, among other experts, lawyer Leposava Karamarkovic, the former judge of the Supreme Court of Serbia and university professor, Zoran Sami, Professor at the Belgrade Law School Zoran Tomic and the former judge of the Belgrade District Court, Vida Petrovic-Skero, would be representing the DOS.

Source: B92

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