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CeSID: Kostunica wins in first round

BELGRADE, Tuesday -- According to results processed so far, Democratic Opposition of Serbia presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica has won in the first round of the election, Centre for Free Elections and Democracy representative, Zoran Lucic, said today. Lucic told media that the Centre's claims were based on an estimated 4.8 million voters, 72 per cent of those registered, having turned out in Serbia, without Kosovo and Montenegro. "According to all the facts we have, Kostunica has won in the first round of the presidential elections and not even the theft of 100,000 votes could enable Milosevic to enter the second round," he claimed.

Lucic went on to say that even if 100,000 Montenegrins voted on Sunday, 40,000 from Kosovo and 100,000 in the Army and police, Kostunica would still have about 2.6 million and Slobodan Milosevic about 1.8 million votes, which would still ensure Kostunica's victory in the first round.

The Centre's figures give Kostunica 54.4 per cent and Milosevic 37.1 per cent, said Lucic, adding that if the Left wanted to falsify the results it would have to use the 600,000 ballot papers printed for the Albanian population. "If I were Slobodan Milosevic's advisor I would suggest that he recognise the results and spare what little strength he has left because he cannot win more than 30 per cent in the second round," said Lucic.

Source: B92

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