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Celebrations across Serbia

BELGRADE, Tuesday -- About a hundred thousand Belgraders took to the streets last night to celebrate the election victory of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia and Vojislav Kostunica. At a rally in central Republic Square, the G17 Plus movement announced the latest preliminary results which give the Democratic Opposition 105 of the 110 seats in the Belgrade City Assembly.

Celebrated Vojvodina singer-songwriter Djordje Balasevic told rallies in Belgrade and Novi Sad last night that "if Milosevic is not finished, we are". He called on a crowd of 30,000 gathered in the central city square of the Vojvodina capital of Novi Sad never again to allow themselves to stand in queues at embassies and borders. The Democratic Opposition has won 59 out of the 70 seats in the Novi Sad City Assembly.

Celebrations of local government victory also took place in Kraljevo, Sombor, Nis, Uzice and other cities around Serbia.

Source: B92

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