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Balkan SunFlowers Peace Hostel in Tirana has been robbed!

    Just when we had managed to get operations in Albania up and running again, thanks to some robbers we find ourselves suddenly with a 15,000 DM hole in our finances. Apart from equipment and other stuff, there was quite a lot of cash in the house: having lost money witzh banks in Albania before, we had to manage things that way.

    We need urgent help from our supporters: our team in Albania is now left without money just in the middle of a summer camp for the children of Bathore.

    As you remember, we put a lot of effort into finding financial resources to resume our activities in Albania, and particularly to go back to our kids in Bathore: one of the poorest suburbs of Tirana, where BSF presence made all the difference between despair and total isolation and renewed hopes for the future.

    There is urgent need now for extra donations in this crisis moment, to allow our volunteers (a dozen of them have been working there in the last few weeks) to carry out the programs through the summer.

    Police investigations on the burglary are obviously under way, but owing to the peculiar security situation in Albania we cannot have any guarantees to retrieve what has been stolen. We still have hope that it might have been a mistake - even robbers have their honor code and probably wouldn't take money belonging to children (=destined to them) - but we cannot rely only on a vague possibility that it would be returned.

    Please, visit the "donations page" on our websites ( and and help us financially to get over this difficult moment: even small sumsa can help, if we can get a response from a sufficient number of our friends.

    Wam Kat, Aug 18

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