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Tens of thousands of people in the center of Belgrade

Two large groups of people, a total of tens of thousand of citizens, took to the streets of Belgrade, walking towards the Federal Institute for Statistics (FIS) and Yugoslav National Bank (YNB), headed by the leaders of the G17 plus non-government organization.

A large procession of demonstrators headed towards the FIS since G17 Plus representatives announced yesterday that a response would be given to the demand for access to the processed election data.

Meanwhile, G17 Plus representatives Ljubomir Madzar, Gradimir Konstantinac and Mladjan Dinkic entered the central office of the YNB. They had earlier announced that they would demand an answer from Governor Dusan Vlatkovic why the cash mass had been increased, "to which state companies foreign currency had been sold at a rate of six dinars [for the German mark]", as well as where the citizen's old foreign currency savings are.
Mladjan Dinkic, executive manager of G17 Plus told the gathering in the Republic Square, before the protest walks, that during yesterday's talks FIS director Milovan Zivkovic said that he would ask FRY President Slobodan Milosevic whether he could give G17 Plus representatives the electoral data.
Dinkic repeated that Zivkovic had been given a deadline until noon today to announce the results. He invited the gathered people to assemble tomorrow in the Republic Square where a "great surprise" would be announced, and wherefrom a new round of the state institutions would be made.
"We will visit one by one [institution] and by Thursday Milosevic will be finished" said Dinkic.

Source: Free Serbia

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