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Federal Electoral Commission denies access to election material

The representatives of the Federal Electoral Commission (SIK) today refused to allow an expert team of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) to inspect the ballots and the election material in connection to the previous announcement of the Electoral Commission stating that there would be a runoff election since neither Kostunica nor Milosevic had won more than 50% of the votes. "Obviously the members of the Federal Electoral Commission are afraid of presenting to the public true and accurate election results because the presidential candidate of the Serbian Democratic Opposition Vojislav Kostunica has achieved a landslide victory in the first round of the presidential election", Nebojsa Bakarec, a DOS representative told the media on his leaving the Federal Parliament building housing the Federal Electoral Commission. He said that DOS would lodge a complaint to the Federal Electoral Commission and an appeal to the Constitutional Court. "We will respect the procedure because we want peace in this country", Bakarec stated going on to say that the Federal Electoral Commission was obliged to announce final election results by 8 p.m. tomorrow evening.

Source: Beta News Agency

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