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Welcome at dDH


You're in The Hague, The Netherlands. This is the server of the non-profit foundation 'dDH'.
dDH goes back to 1995 and was one of the early 'digital cities' in The netherlands, but soon evolved into a general platform for information and communication.
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dDH is no billboard, we don't keep you waiting for big ads.
dDH does not offer access accounts, so we don't need big computers, lots of telephone lines, a help desk, etc.

We do offer web space, E-mail mailing lists and other facilities.
dDH is a low cost information and communications system: An 'Independent Internet Platform', supported by its participants. Together we own the server and Internet connection, together we pay the bills.
dDH offers information and communication about important issues, projects, developments, etc. Not only when it's 'HOT' news, but also when it's good news or just plain important.

We like to watch our common future. So there is a tendency to social, environmental and development issues. And we carry 'specials' about events, campaigns, etc.
WHAT we carry is also up to you. We can use 'foreign correspondents', views from different cultures, opposite opinions.
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Thematic web sites

dDH does not only provide web hosting for the participants, but also builds new web sites. dDH was one of the first to implement 'thematic web sites', to create 'meeting points' on the net for important subjects or issues. A site that provides space for NGO's, activists, government agencies, specialists, etc. to present their news, projects, etc.
Everyone taking part in such a thematic site can benefit from the attention for the site as a whole and of course link to their own websites.
An example is the (Dutch) 'Peace Site', which lately really helped the Dutch peace movement to get nuclear arms back on the agenda and now also facilitates news on 'the war on terror'
An English example for a thematic web site is (was) 'Hope on the Balkans' web site, which now has become an archive. The site supported peace, human rights and aid organizations during the wars in former Yugoslavia. 'Hope on the Balkans' did also host many NGO websites in the nineties, when domains still were expensive.

Alternative News Network

In september 2004 dDH organized a conference where Dutch independent media and media-makers argeed to build a new platform and network for cooperation, aiming to make their media more visible and to promote professionalism. More at AnderNieuws.Net.


dDH carries many E-mail mailing lists (listservs). We'd also like to establish an independent server for newsgroups, which will be freely accessible. Realisation is a question of cooperation, time and money.


As said before: we can use (foreign) volunteers!
Our main long term problem is lack of techies and programmers to build and develop the facilities and services we need. We share this problem with many 'new media' projects, and it can make things very inefficient.
One of the aims of our 'Alternative News Network' initiative is to share the little programmers, facilities and services available between media projects.

And of course you can provide content!
Think about being our correspondent, researcher, journalist, columnist, blogger or whatever! Don't be afraid dDH will take up your time: we're not looking for quantity, but for quality. Just take your time.
Contact us!

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